A common question that we understandably get from clients is “How much landscape can I get for my budget?” or “What is a realistic budget for the landscape that I am envisioning?”

The following example has been designed to give you an idea of just that. Please note that this is just one example, and that there are unlimited factors to take into account when designing and budgeting your landscape. For example, do you need five steps or ten steps to your patio? Do you want 8’ trees planted or do you prefer more mature trees planted?

Of course, hardscape material choices make a big difference too.

Our designer will work with you to determine your landscape priorities and create a project budget. Once you have a budget established, it is much easier for the designer to deliver a drawing that will give you the most outdoor living space for your money.

Use these examples as a guide when starting to plan your project, and please contact us for more information and to set up your free design consultation.